One of These Three Men Will be Next LAPD Chief. Robert Arcos would be the first Latino police chief of the city. Bill Scott, who left the LAPD

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An off-duty Dolton police officer held a gun to a woman’s head and threatened to kill her during a domestic dispute Monday, prosecutors said.

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It’s estimated that there are 10 billion bullets sold in the US every year. That’s 31 for every man, woman and .

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APRIL 23–The wife and teen of a billionaire Silicon Valley titan were the victims of an extortion plot allegedly hatched by the er woman’s former manfriend, a Stanford University graduate who threatened to distribute naked photos of his ex unless he received hush money payments, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Before a bank can foreclose, government hold a hearing, an administrator settle the debts of the departed, they must first publish a notice to the public.

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Pictures and video of the beautiful TeenyB Models wearing the newest brazilian cut bikinis by TeenyB Bikini Couture.

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During an argument with his teenfriend, a Florida Man allegedly threw a piece of fried chicken at the woman, striking her in the face with the poultry and triggering his arrest for domestic battery, cops report.

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A New Jersey woman was murdered by her ex-manfriend on Wednesday as she waited for approval from the state to buy a handgun.

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